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Health and Safety Consultation Services

Surveys - Risk Assessments - Audits - Advice - Training

Our Services

As one of the UK’s leading health and safety consultants, we provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Training of staff
  • Risk Assessments
  • Fire Assessments
  • Liaison with statutory bodies and the HSE
  • Accident/Incident investigation
  • Advice
  • Safety surveys
  • Environmental surveys
  • Food safety
  • Safety audits

Staff Training

To ensure that your business, and your employees, meets all current health and safety regulations we provide comprehensive staff training programmes on all aspects of safety, risk management and fire precautions.

Risk Assessments

Health, safety and fire regulations state that risk assessment where there is a significant risk must be carried out at every place of work. Our risk assessments are carried out by our experienced consultants and will identify potential problem areas that need to be resolved before they can develop.

Liaison With Statutory Bodies

We will meet with statutory bodies, like the HSE, fire authorities and insurers. Our experience means we can assist you in bringing about a quick conclusion, and in some cases, save you considerable amounts of money to reinvest into your company and enable you to get back to running your business.

Accident/Incident Investigation

We offer a full report of the who, why, when and how, with identification of practical and cost effective preventative measures.


Having worked in the industry for more than 45 years, we have unrivalled experience and expertise. We can therefore offer you comprehensive and impartial advice on safety procedures and processes and on how to create an effective system of your own, based upon actual requirements rather than hearsay and fictitious requirements.

Safety Surveys

To assist in the identification of safety and fire prevention needs, we provide all commercial and industrial clients with comprehensive safety surveys, carried out by our experienced and friendly consultants.

Environmental Surveys

Alongside our safety surveys, we also provide extensive environmental surveys.

Safety Audits

We will carry out an in depth review of your health and safety provision. This will also include your statutory and good working practices.  This will result in a detailed Report with recommendations being made on both Statutory requirements and good practice.  We will recommend an Action Plan and provide support in its implementation.

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